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Finding a secure & profitable hosting service especially with renewable energy is not easy in the current market. Bitcoin Energy Group will help your company to find the right and reliable hosting service for you.

All our work is custom work based on your requirements. Currently there are very few turnkey solutions available, we need to create them collectively.

Looking for a reliable hosting service?

Lets us help you find the right miner hosting partner for your company.

Our motto is more sustainable profit, with less headaches.

Finding a good hosting service partner or hosting location is not always about just the lowest price. There are other aspects to consider:

  • Stability & flexibility
  • Security & insurance
  • Renewable energy strategy
  • Import & logistics
  • Regulation

Bitcoin Energy Group helps you navigate to a selection process to find the perfect match for your crypto mining hardware

Not sure?

Talk to one of our experts if you have specific requirements or you are new to crypto and crypto mining?


A word from our clients

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Sustainable profits & less headaches

Mining cryptocurrency can be a complicated and stressful endeavour. Finding the hosting service partner or perfect location can make a huge difference in profitability, time efficiency and security.

Our process is simple and transparant and our main objective is to create a sustainable and profitable match.

Please fill in the form on this page or schedule a call with one of our experts.

1. Fill out this form on this page.

We request a completed filled in form. We will respond within 12 hours on your hardware procurement request. If this takes too long for you please give us a call or book an appointment with one of our experts.

2. Our experts will present an offer.

Our experts will contact you by ZOOM, Telephone or Skype prior presenting an official offer. In this meeting we would like to hear more about your requirements and we share with you our process. After this meeting we send a proposal and broker agreement digitally through Signnow.com.

3. Due diligence, set up introduction meeting & agreement.

Bitcoin Energy Group will review and match your request. When this has been established we will do a due diligence before connecting the parties. In cases where Bitcoin Energy Group owns or co-owns the location you will be provided an offer.

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Schedule a meeting with our experts

Bitcoin Energy Group team stands ready to address all your questions and use our solutions to be tailored toward all your needs for Bitcoin (crypto) mining.

Please schedule a digital meeting with one of our experts.

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